Dr. František SIMANČÍK

Dr. František SIMANČÍK

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

F. Simancik is R&D manager of Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of Slovak Academy of Sciences and currently also a member of Presidium of Slovak Academy of Sciences. 

His research activities are focused on the development of novel structural materials and the technologies for their manufacturing, including metal matrix composites, metallic foams, magnesium alloys, nanostructured materials, powder metallurgy (powder extrusion, ECAP, forging), gas pressure infiltration, vacuum hot pressing (HIP), sublimation of metals, etc.

Main research results include the technology for continuous coating of carbon fibres; Al, Cu and Mg -matrix composites, original technology for foaming of aluminium, ultrafine grained Al materials with enhanced temperature stability, gas pressure infiltration technology, recycling of Mg scrap, novel MMCs for heat sink applications

In his position he coordinates „INOVAL - Centre of competence for applied research on light metals and composites” and “CEKOMAT - Centre of excellence for R&D on structural composites for engineering and medical applications“

Important awards: 1986, 2011 – Prize of Minister of education, 1996, 2006 – SAS Prize, 1998 – Slovak technologist of the year, 2012 – „Crystal wing” in the category medicine and Science”